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the problem with the older hulla-balloo designs is that it relied on my time and patience to maintain. it took weeks for me to update the page, time which I did not have. with this new design I hope to fix a lot of the problems of the old site.

this site has a new focus now; it is meant to bring some sort of organization to my life by providing a place where I can express myself. i will be putting anything I feel is relevant to my life here. the last site was meant to please my readers. now it is a place where i can please myself.

i realize one of the biggest problems of the old site - too few updates. i have taken steps to correct this. i have made this site a lot more interactive, especially with a new section i call anarchy. anarchy is a section of the site that is completely left to viewers such as yourself to fill. i take no part in it's management whatsoever. in addition, users are now able to post news on the main page, something only i used to be able to do. the main goal of doing this it to make it if there was a situation in which i couldn't update in a long time, the website would still remain active and there would always be something new to look at.

if you are new to this site, you may want a little background information about this page. first off, this page is made by me, jeremy hammond. i am a computer programmer/web designer. it is very difficult to explain the things i think, the way my mind works. this website is an attempt of making my thoughts and opinions public, plus a place where i can throw all my various projects.

i am currently a junior at Glenbard East High School. there is a bit of history here as well, but that is a story for another time. for the most part i get along with a few of the teachers there. i would like to state that i have problems with the school system in general, not specifically that school(although that school has it's problems... a great deal of them too).

i am a proud macintosh person. some of the more ignorant would criticize me about this, but they, as i have previously stated, are the ignorant. Mac OS X is the greatest thing that's ever happened to Apple, and even most PC users admit to that. i could go on and on about how macs are superior, but you can find that anywhere. i will tell you this, though; most PC people only use PCs because it is the most popular, not because they are better computers. what's popular is not always right, and what's right is not always popular.

i have two computers: an iBook Dual USB and an iMac DV SE. the iBook is a 500MHz G3/256MB RAM/15GB HD/CD-ROM. the iMac is a 400MHz G3/256MB RAM/13GB HD/CD-ROM. they're very similar computers, speed-wise, but i use the iBook more. the picture on the left shows me with my iBook.

i work part-time at glen ellyn computers, an authorized Apple reseller and servicer. i am their webmaster, and sometimes i work in retail. i work on mondays, tuesdays, and saturdays. i make $10 an hour.

i have a wide range of musical tastes, but it does not include mainstream pop or shitty rap. i mostly listen to classic rock, metal, etc. my favorite bands are nine inch nails, pink floyd and tool. i also like to read a lot. my favorite books are breakfast of champions, 1984, catcher in the rye, and various others. i also have a large collection of movies. some of my favorites include "the matrix", "pleasantville", "pink floyd's the wall", "pulp fiction", "natural born killers", "the truman show", "the yellow submarine", "momento", and "the big lebowski".

i enjoy discussing philosophy and politics. i am very open-minded to other people's opinions, and i always enjoy a good intellectual discussion. but if there's one thing i hate, it's ignorant narrow-minded people who immediately dismiss other people's opinions without even thinking.

as religion goes, i follow no form of organized religion('fanaticism'). ignoring the hypocrisy of most mainstream religions, i don't need to be told how the world works, and i especially don't need to be told that i will go to a fiery place where little red guys with horns will stab me with pitchforks if i do things that 'they' consider to be 'evil'. now, it's okay if you want to believe that there is an ever-present omniscient being that's watching over you and acting on your behalf if you obey his every bidding. if it makes you feel better about yourself, then go for it - i'll still think you're an ignorant moron who follows the pack, but we all have the right to our opinions. but if there is one thing i can't stand is hardcore religious nuts who try to impose their lifestyle onto mine by putting prayer in school or merging law and morality. in the words of metallica, 'life's for my own to live my own way'.

i am anti-censorship. i am pro-freedom of speech and pro-freedom of information. i believe that regardless of what you have to say - even if it's stupid or hateful - you should still have the right to say it. i believe that ideas should have the right to be exposed to the public - to have free competition among other ideas. if an idea is truly damaging or hateful, then let the people think about it and decide for themselves. in addition, who decides what gets censored or not? if you give anyone any control over information, then the information will only reflect the thoughts and opinions of those in charge, not the people.

i know c/c++, php, quickbasic, html, perl, 4d, cobol, ti-basic, and bits of objective-c using cocoa frameworks. this site is in php with mysql. i always use a raw text editor(bbedit) when building webpages... i feel i have greater control over the exact behavior of my site because I know exactly what's going into the code. when programming, i prefer straight coding instead of object-oriented stuff.. i feel i have greater control over my program without it. i also prefer server-side programming as opposed to client-side stuff. i don't like the idea that the browser has more control over what the page looks like, which should be completely left to the server. the browser can misinterpret things in so many different ways, and many operating systems and browsers would view the same page differently, and everything gets all wierd... for full compatibility i aboid all that messiness like the plaugue. that's why i don't use javascript, flash, etc. i know Mac OS X and earlier, DOS, most flavors of UNIX, and Windows.

i have always had natural talent with computers.. as if it was what i was meant to do with my life. from a young age i have always known that i would end up doing something with technology. it started out with playing video games twenty-four hours a day... let me tell you, when you play nintendo for that long at such a young age, you develop a certain 'knack' for understanding how things work... you understand that there are certain rules in a system, and you learn how to manipulate them to your advantage. i have found that this theory works for everything, not just video games or even computers.

the next move from playing video games is to design video games... so i quickly learned how to program computers. i immediately developed a passion... i knew it. this is where i should be... this is where i belong...

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