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Written by jason santos on Monday, 5/6/2002

this first article is not really an article, but more of a collection point for questions. if you would like me to respond to a thought or inquiry concerning philosophy, theology, faith, spritituality, sociology, anthropology, etc... post it here, and I will focus my articles appropriately.

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posted by jim waller on Monday, 5/6/2002:

yes in the simpsons episode where homer goes to hell and flanders is satan what do u think this means

posted by Cory on Monday, 5/6/2002:

What do you think about the Catholic church "getting away" with sexual abuse for all those years and now not paying off the children they raped?

posted by santos on Tuesday, 5/7/2002:

jim- in order to answer your question, i would need to see the episode. i do have all the episodes on cd-rom, so if you know the episode number, i will watch it and respond accordingly.

posted by santos on Tuesday, 5/7/2002:

cory- i will write an article addressing this issue this week. look for it this weekend.

posted by jim waller on Wednesday, 5/8/2002:

the episode is 1F04, treehouse of horrors

posted by santos on Monday, 5/13/2002:

sorry, i haven't got a chance to write my articles. i have, however, watched the above mentioned simpsons episode. i'll post later today.

posted by *smartyr* on Thursday, 5/23/2002:

What are your views on athiesm and the quote, "religion is nothing but a crutch for the weak". Xtianity is the worlds greatest evil.

posted by *smartyr* on Thursday, 5/23/2002:

just posted an email address if you feel like reaching me

posted by moo on Thursday, 6/6/2002:

What do you think about the differences between athiesm and agnosticism (sp?) Also, do you beleive that atheism is a dead set beleif, or is it just a "Oh, I don't know, I'll be atheist!"

posted by (anonymous) on Thursday, 6/6/2002:

jason, what do you think about weed

posted by Scott on Monday, 6/17/2002:

Jason- I was going to ask about "religion as a crutch for the week" but i think Smartyr that, so my question for you is, what role do you think religon plays in the US's invovlement in wars, and also, what role do you think religon plays in promoting racism?

posted by Scott on Monday, 6/17/2002:

Also, How much Context do you think each religon's holy book (Bible, Quuran etc) have in today's world?

posted by Terry Cavanagh on Sunday, 6/23/2002:

Do you think it's possible to justify any orginisation that will give you a richer reward for not asking questions and following it blindly? If not, then is it possible to justify Christainity?

posted by smartyr on Tuesday, 6/25/2002:

good call terry, might I add to that the homeless who are bribed into xtianity with free food and money if they promise to be good little xtians

posted by santos on Wednesday, 6/26/2002:

all excellent questions. i will have answers for all of them soon my friends.

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