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society holds back the evolution of the human mind

Written by SMARTYR on Sunday, 5/26/2002

The Basic concept of evolution is this: If an animal develops a trait that is beneficial to the creature, it will slowly be bred into that species. This is due to the fact that the creature with this feature is more able to procreate, better suited for giving birth and raising young. However this has been halted within humanity. This is mainly because we, the human race, have taken ourselves out of nature. There is no more struggle for existence. We have taken nature out of the equation when it comes to survival. Therefore, we cannot evolve. It may be beneficial to be smart in the wild, but when it comes to mating, it is actually a disadvantage. Therefore, society has impeded with the evolution of mankind. This is why I believe the African races to be physically superior to the Caucasian races. They have remained in the struggle for survival for longer and therefore evolved for an extra couple of hundred, possibly thousand years. This lead to them gaining strength and physical abilities far superior to those whom started farming and whatnot right away. I have a theory that there are many people out there with minds that are slightly more evolved than others. These people are the ones who are not necessarily " book smart", although they may be. These are the ones who are uniquely in tune with their surroundings, the ones who can change their immediate situations easily. In other words the people who perceive things on a higher level. These are inevitably the ones who change the world. Or, these are the people lead to isolation and frustration. IN either case, it is not conducive in our society to breeding, mating, or in layman's terms, getting any. In actuality it is the dumbasses who are at an advantage in this field. In this way the human race is heading down the path of self-destruction. This is why mankind is stuck in a hole it will never get it of. This is why humans are slowly degenerating.

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posted by not smartyr on Sunday, 5/26/2002:

if you dont read this you aren't cool

posted by Cheeses Crust on Sunday, 6/16/2002:

Man Vs. Nature: The Road to Victory

Hi! I'm an evil internet demon who prowls the web looking for a place to sow my seeds of destruction...and move my bowels.

Anyhow, those blackies in the darkest Africa may not get sick as easily as any honkies, but move them out of their habitat, or introduce something new and then the shit hits the fan. My shit, as I like to throw it, and soon you will eat it as a delicious after-school snack. Since they don't have the necessary know-how necessarily, they could be wipe-out. Let's also not forget our brotha's tend have sickle-cell, otherwise they'll get dat yellow feva baby, AARRROOOOOOO!!

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