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A little about me, Smartyr

Written by SMARTYR on Sunday, 5/26/2002

HI everybody
After months and wekks of bugging hammond I have my own corner. Okay it took me three days but who cares. I guess I am just your typical disenchanted teen, but whatever. I am a music freak. I have a connection with the music I listen to that is indescribable to most. Their are som who know the feeling but very few. Music is an emotional experience. I can feel so deeply what I hear in some bands. My favorite bands are Tool, Jimi Hendirx, Led Zeppelin, And Stevie Ray Vaughan. I just feel so deeply what they convey. I am right now athiest. I don't have a particular religion, but I don't just think you die and there's nothing. I know there's another life after this, but I don't know much about it. I don't think anyone does to be honest. I ma for all intents and purposes anti-social. I just don't need people to live my life. I don't know how but I became a car buff since the age of 10 and have been restoring a 69 cutlass since age 10, hence the email address. I hate school, I think the system is terrible and will write an article on it soon. I also have some poems that will be up here soon. I have a lot of thoughts and opinions and emotions that need to be expressed due to the fact that I am anti-social, and you guys will be my outlet. I want to thank all you guys for listening to me yap. If you have any thougths or ideas on what I have to say please let me know.
BTW, my name is not me tryng to be conceited, it actually began as a typo and I laughed my ass off at it and then it just evolved into my nickname.
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article discussion

posted by jethro on Thursday, 6/13/2002:

hmm no one else has a cheesey profile, what does this say?

posted by (anonymous) on Sunday, 6/23/2002:

it says that he's being original

posted by jethro on Monday, 6/24/2002:

no im pretty sure it means he is full of himself

posted by Smartyr on Tuesday, 6/25/2002:

this was origianlly what I had in my corner on the main page but hammond said it was too long, erego, it's an article

posted by (anonymous) on Tuesday, 6/25/2002:

"hammond said it was too long" like i said full of your self

posted by JASON on Saturday, 8/24/2002:

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