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why no one should believe in anything too strongly

Written by jeremy hammond on Wednesday, 6/5/2002

Mankind is stupid. We are so far away from figuring out the secrets of the universe. There is so much that we don't understand, and science is rapidly discovering more and more daily. Everytime we seem to think we understand something, we go ahead and prove ourselves wrong.

Remember, there was a point where almost everyone thought the world was flat(there still are some people who do). I mean, flat. I can't possibly imagine living in a world that's inhabited by people with such a backwards idea of what the universe is like. And remember that they all thought that they were right and anyone who said differently was crazy and insane. And yet, as we look back now, we can recognize that we were idiots and we know a lot more now then we used to.

There also used to be a time where people believed that if you let a piece of meat sit out long enough, it would physically turn into flies. There was this big huge controversy over this experiment that was being done, which eventually proved that flies do not come from meat. So you see that as time progresses forward we keep learning more and more about the nature of our universe.

Do you think this time is any different? Maybe there is some fundamental rule about science that we are missing, something that disproves everything else we believe in now. Maybe one day something will change, and we'll believe in something entirely different. Throughout history we have consistantly proven that we were idiots and we believed in something that's completely inaccurate. It would be nieve to believe that things are different now and that we do know everything there is to know. Years from now, we'll look back and see some of the things that we do now, and say that we really were stupid while at the same time taking part in some of the new stupid things of the time.

The point is, don't believe anything you hear. Don't believe what the government tells you, don't believe the media, don't believe MTV, don't believe anything, not even yourself. Half the time they're lying to you anyway and the other half they have no idea what they're talking about. Always be open to change. Always reject what popular opinion is because it will always be wrong. No matter what we think, no matter how much it seems to make sense, something will change and in a few months we'll be thinking in an entirely different way. So never stay locked in your own opinions for too long, no matter how much they seem to make sense. Consistantly question yourself and others, consistantly rethink your position and re-evaluate your thoughts. Never blindly believe in anything.

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posted by tf on Thursday, 6/6/2002:

Just as the universe is constantly changing so must we. And like most systems in the universe, our behavior and wisdom is cyclical. Every civilization has gone through a progression and regression. In many ways our modern science is inferior in many ways to technology of ancient people. All I can say is keep changing with the stars...

posted by jethro on Tuesday, 6/11/2002:

But because of peoples narrow minded beliefs there always comes someone to prove them wrong, which in turn recreates peoples beliefs. Thats why I say if the world does become a utopia where everyone is all knowing, there will no longer be any reason to live.

posted by dhruv on Wednesday, 7/17/2002:

this article was remarkably well thought out, however, i do not disagree completely with ur 'do not believe everything too strongly' viewpoint.
my opinion is that while it is perfectly alright to believe in something strongly, it is wrong to accept nothing else. they are, though it may be difficult to see, separate things. believing in something strongly involves putting your faith and heart and soul into it, whereas intolerance of other opinions involves not allowing someone else to do the same.
i, for example, believe completely in God, but would certainly not say that theists are 'wrong'. belief is a personal thing, and perhaps the most effective point of this article is the 'evaluate everything' suggestion, before you accept this personal belief.

posted by dhruv on Wednesday, 7/17/2002:

i'm sorry: my sentence in the previous post was intended to be:

"i, for example, believe completely in God, but would certainly not say that *atheists* are 'wrong'."

posted by dhruv on Wednesday, 7/17/2002:

P.S. ur 'flat-earth' link is a carpet-selling site?!

posted by shiny nickel on Saturday, 3/8/2003:

if people followed this everyone would be so lost. It would mean that potentially anything is possible, time travel, warp speed, ect. But it would also mean, if any of these things were proven, that they are potentially impossible. There would never be a way to know what is right and what is wrong. I say people should follow what they believe in, even if it might be wrong, because we just don't know.

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