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Written by sean martin on Thursday, 6/13/2002

This is sort of a follow up to the last article. its about the ways people work. I've begun to notice there are basically 2 types of people. Those who lead, and those who follow. Im not talking about taking control of people type leadership, im talking independant-thinking free people. people who have freed their minds. Lets get down to it. Ill give you an example. My friend Jeremy here, pretty cool guy. Thinks for himself and dosn't give a damn about what others think of him. He has a twin, Jason, who couldnt be more different. Jason is wrapped up in his own world, his own problems, his own concerns. He lives in the now. He is only going to deal with the tasks/problems at hand until they're all delt with. Then he does what he wants until another task comes up. he dosnt concern himself with growing as a person, or world troubles. If he cant solve somthing right away, he gives up. No reason to push on if noone is going to notice. right? Wrong.

I have seen precious few people with a desire to grow. I cant quite put my finger on exactly what, but there is more to it then that. Some people go through life donig just enough to get. Almost robotic. Robotic in their actions and thought, even robotic in their 'free' thinking. Some people's "original " ideas are simply a different color of someone else's. The exact same, but with a slight personal twist. These are the useless people. Well not useless, they keep the society and government going that we have now. They almost support those who are truly independant. Take a laboritory situation for example. You have the Scientists, and for lack of a better term , the scientist's bitches, the people that do things to make the scientist's work quicker and more efficiant. The true, intelligent, alive, pepole are the scientists. discovering new things by bieng original and creative when faced with a probem. And the people who only do what they're told, the bitches.

The whole of society seems to be divided this way. It has nothing to do with power, money, religion, and preferences of any sort, music, sex, entertainment, etc.
or anything superficial like that. Only the core decision making part of the mind. The kernal of the brain. It's what seperates the true thinkers from the simple followers.

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posted by Jeremy Hammond on Thursday, 6/13/2002:

It's also important to recognize that these people who act like machinery don't always support the true thinkers. Sometimes they hinder intellectual development when greed gets the better of them and they infringe on other people's rights to further their own political/economic glory.

posted by Sean on Friday, 6/14/2002:

Yes, some are even dead set aganst it. People who think any change to the daily grind is a giant problem. some people even squash the very notion of free independant thought (cough, gameranger,cough)

posted by jason on Wednesday, 6/26/2002:

you dont know anything about me, or what i beleave in, or what i think, or what motivates me. Therefore, you are ignorant on this subject. And i think youve spent entirely too much time talking about something your ignorant of. When you get to know me, which you wont, then you can rant and rave about how my brother is so much cooler then me.

posted by (anonymous) on Wednesday, 6/26/2002:

jeremy has lived with you your entire life. he probably knows more about yourself then you do, no matter how much you'd like to think otherwise.

posted by jason on Tuesday, 7/2/2002:

using the same argument, i could say the same about him

posted by Hot to Trotsky on Monday, 7/22/2002:

I've seen several variations of this article on this site, it all says pretty much the same thing. That is, "Drop acid, it'll free your mind man and it'll scare the MTV music video outta you."

As far as I see it, there's only me and the rest of you. I know me, I can predict my actions most of the time. Then there's the rest of you. I can't predict your actions.

So, suppose everyone adopts this train of thought. Sooner or later, we'll come to realize there's 6 billion me's in the world. 6 billion different people. Not just 2 types of people, or just jocks, nerds, religious fanatics, the English, etc. Classification systems should be used for machines, not people. It's just a way to fit us into a mold that we're not made for.

posted by (anonymous) on Wednesday, 8/14/2002:

I think the mere fact that Jason posts his website with each successive response to this article.. it proves that he cares about what people think about him, about whether people like him or not.

posted by jason on Sunday, 9/8/2002:

free advertising isnt easy to come by, and enough people go to this page, i could care less what others think about my band as long as they buy the upcoming cd and come to our shows

posted by Jessie on Tuesday, 10/15/2002:

I found your artical very interesting but would like to state this:
Your "Bitches" as you put it more than likley have'nt had the chance to see any thing different. Ingenuity promotes inspiration which in turn helps the world grow as a whole and while slow i do see improvement in todays "robotic" activities.

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