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Written by Dave Hill on Friday, 6/21/2002

Sit down, look at the monitor and think, you will be forced to conjure a thought that for some reason doesn't belong to just you. Your subconscious has been impacted by years of your environment and stress. It is impossible to come up with a random new thought without the use of something you already knew or learned. We use these experiences as tools in which to craft new designs and thoughts.

Unfortunately the media only influences us using things that impact our lives in a negative way. Now quickly, think back to the first memory, If it's negative chances are it's because of the influence that we see on the news. We have been trained to think that negativity is important by seeing it every day. I for one am saddened to see so much negativity plaguing our minds, but what are we to do, just stop thinking, it is completely impossible to deny the programming that has been pushed into our minds over the years, but more so we are unable to be given the freedom to deny it.

They government claims that they have not influenced the media, but this we know to be untrue, the government has groups that are strictly devoted to television and radio communications [FCC]

This Federal Communications Commission's job is to restrict the air waves and keep us from watching certain things, So much for our governments "freedom" I find it funny that nowadays freedom and federalism are used quite commonly despite being unable to coexist within the united states.

I hope someone will get something from my angry ramblings.

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posted by Smartyr on Friday, 6/21/2002:

I have often called the FCC the federal comissionof conformity myself, however I think the bigger enemy in this struggle is the school system

posted by Cheese Crust on Saturday, 6/22/2002:

The biggest problem is that people bitch and moan about the government, but don't act on their ideas. So things are left unchanged.


posted by Sean on Sunday, 6/23/2002:

no matter how you look at it, the Man is a reflection of he people. Thre are people in this world that dont want their kids to hear Eminem or whatever his name is, bitch and moan about his shitty life. Some parents dont let their kids watch the news for christssake. All im saying is that the FCC does what it does, because the people want it that way.

posted by david Hill on Sunday, 6/23/2002:

posted by david Hill on Sunday, 6/23/2002:

speak for yourself , I do act on my belief's however small I make my voice heard. But what else can you do in a representative government

posted by david Hill on Sunday, 6/23/2002:

sean, in response, if there parents don't want them watching it, they have to restrict that it is niether the government or the taxpayers responsibility

posted by Jeremy Hammond on Sunday, 6/23/2002:

The FCC does what it does because SOME people want it that way.

And even if the majority wants something, it doesn't mean that they are right ... for example, let's say the idiots get control and say 'ban rock music'... it doesn't mean that it's the right thing to do.

Point is, don't censor ANYTHING because nothing is truly obscene, it's only obscene if we want it to be. In some parallel dimension, men aren't allowed to show their ears in public because it's disgusting and perverted, but woman are allowed to brandish their ears in any way they want to. Hmm...

posted by david Hill on Sunday, 6/23/2002:

ears are sexy

posted by jethro on Sunday, 6/23/2002:

not only the fcc but we have to worry about the PRMC. damn Tipper Gore has too much time on her hands.

posted by Cheeses Crust on Monday, 6/24/2002:

Frank Zappa was right, what a few christian women think is offensive is not necessarily offensive to the rest of us.

The FCC bans what the (supposed) majority thinks is too offensive. Titties, "fuck" and people getting shot. It's supposed to keep public media fairly clean and acceptable for us. Not enough people want to lessen it's influence, so it won't be changed anytime soon.

posted by smartyr on Tuesday, 6/25/2002:

ahh, the good ole' censorship debate. My thoughts, make nudity and cursing commonplace and nothing shocking, basically taking away their power. I read a book once called ,"nigger", no shit. And basically it says that when black peopl say nigger it is partially do to the fact that it helps them leesen the effect of that word. When us pastey honkeys use it, we are maintaining the shitty side

posted by (anonymous) on Tuesday, 6/25/2002:

that's why I say let people say or do whatever they want so long as it doesn't hurt anyone else, and eventually none of it will really matter

posted by scooby on Monday, 7/8/2002:

And basically it says that when black peopl say nigger it is partially do to the fact that it helps them leesen the effect of that word.

Kinda like when rappers call women bitches?


posted by scooby on Monday, 7/8/2002:

Another thought: Did you learn anything from all those nature programs on PBS, or stuff like NOVA? Or can you recall some good shows that made you think? (My all-time fave is Dr. Who.) What about the series on the Civil War, or other stuff on the History Channel? Even just watching the news?

I'm pretty sure it made a difference for me and it makes me wonder...

If good TV can have a significant positive impact, it would seem to lay doubt about the idea that bad TV doesn't have a significant negative impact.


posted by on Tuesday, 11/5/2002:

Yes old TV is great but NOVA was the shit.I cant only remember the monkeys having sex but o well.

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