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the top and bottom brains

Written by jeremy hammond on saturday, 4/20/20022

the way I see it, there are two kinds of brains in this world: top brains and bottom brains. the bottom brainers are people who concentrate only on their microuniverse; this world and this world's rules. most people never escape from this mindset. the top brain is actually a more evolved bottom brain. these are people who not only can see things as they are in this reality, they understand things in other realities as well. top brainers are people who understand this reality and at the same time understand that our perception of reality is only a creation of ourselves. we understand that everyone(assuming that there are other people in this universe besides me) has their own idea of what reality is, and yet we seem to share a common reality. few bottom brainers can free themselves and become a top brainer.

bottom brainers are restricted to this universe. top brainers are free to come and go as they please; we know that reality is perception created by the mind, and we are able to craft our own perception of the universe. in essence, we are creating our own reality. However, it is important that top brainers still maintain a portion of the bottom brain; one still has to remain logical and competent in this reality.

bottom brainers are grounded by science and logic. while it is important to recogize that logic(by the very definition of the word) is true, it is also important to know that it only works in this reality. bottom brainers have trouble accepting the existance of other realities, because they've lived their life being logical - only accepting what they see as true. the trouble is, since they are limited by their senses, the transitional period from the bottom brain to the top brain is difficult. once completed, however, you will realize that life makes a lot more sense and you will feel a unique connection to the universe that is beyond words.

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posted by Conrad on Saturday, 4/20/2002:

Be a top brainer.


posted by M on Sunday, 6/9/2002:

It's 1:54pm MW Time , do you know where your brain is?

posted by R on Saturday, 6/22/2002:

I think top-brain thinking is best done under the influence and guidance of halucinogenics, preferably organic.

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