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what it means to not be one of us

Written by sean martin on Saturday, 7/20/2002

by 'us' i mean free thinkers. people unconstrained by anything thought controlling.Society, Religion, Government, all of them try and control you. Most of the time they succeed, most everyone falls to their control. But there are a few who dont. That is who we are. There are some who claim or really think they are free, but when society casts a suspecting eye to them, and question weather they conform or not, these people fall back in the ranks, silenced.

To be one of us is to be without boundries. Social boundries are the hardest for most to overcome. these boundries govern the way you look , act, feel, think.

You have to put on make-up to hide your natural faults (which is an odd thing to do considering all of the effort companies have been putting in to making thier products more 'natural', why would we willingly give up what is natural and we dont have to buy?). Heck, people even say they have to go and 'fix themselves up' before a party. They must arrange themslves in a pleasing way to Society. Wear what is in fashon. match colors, etc. I remember back in grade school, people asked me why i didnt match the colors on my clothes. i was really confused, i couldnt see what the need to do that was. When you really think about it, why do you have to be appealing to others? In the big picture, does it really matter what they think of you? No. looks are entirely unimportant. is it more important what the label looks like on a can of soup, or the food inside?

You have to act like everyone else and hate those who dont. If you dont conform you are hated, feared, or considered a raving lunatic. This is where society's taboos come into play. Dont talk to anyone you dont know. dont make a scene, and make yourself stand out. Try talking to someone in a car next to you at a red light. Chances are he'll ignore you, or he wont make eye contact with you. Rarely will you actually strike up a conversation. Point is this: society governs your actions to the point where you dont even know it. When you or others disobey one of these standards, you feel uncomfortable. acting like everyone else anti-evolutionary, meaning that it does you no good because you willingly choose to not learn from peoples mistakes

You have to feel the right way about somthing or you are exemplified and tourtured. The perfect example of this is homosexuality. When a person is going thru the throes of coming to terms with themselves, they find that one of their ideals dosnt match up with they way their supposed to feel. They are suppoesed to be heterosexual, but they dont feel they are. And they must make a very hard decision to uphold their ideals or everyone elses. This choice should be easy. who cares what others think you are supposed to be? if they feel that way, then they should be like that. They have no right to impose thier beliefs on you, much less tell you you are wrong for bieng that way. and still the vast majority of human kind conforms to their standard.

You MUST hold the same ideals and goals as everyone else. in the eyes of society, unless you are reaching to be a patriot for you nation, step on all the litle people to get ahead, or make millions doing somthing, you are not after a worthy goal. and the ironic thing is, people who always say that they're going to do this or be this way, who aspire to be one of society's greatist conformists, uasually just become another worker-bee keeping the hive going. your whole thought process must revolve aroung pleasing the other.

Religion is another free-thinking squasher. not the idea of beliving in god, buddha, or what have you, but organized religion. you must give sacrafise. you must shave your head on this day. you cannot think this or eat this or wear this or you will suffer forever. Patriochial schools are the worst. everyone had to write with their right hand. why? because most everyone else did.
all in all, religion seems to be only for the gain of the earthly leader of the people, or simply for the advancement of the company of religion itself.

Finally government is the worst of the three. It places absolute power in the hands of a few people. these people take their cues from what is popular for godssake. they lay into law what 2/3 of everyone agrees to. does that make it right? absolutly not. things like no speeding and murder bieng illigal have a purpose. what right do you have to take another's life? and speeding is for yours and everyone else protection. but suicide is illigal. you are said to have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. is that the right to your life? or only the right to live? anyone, weather the reasoning right or no, should have the right to be able to end his/her own existance. the people that made these laws are deciding your fate as we speak. dont you find it disturbing that your life could be placed in jepordy just because the person that everyone wants to lead says that you must die so he can enjoy the wealth of a huge oil field?why should anyone have that power over you? it is your life after all, or is it?

the whole world is controlled by these mindless drones in one form or another. it is keeping the human race from advancing. we are so caught up in trying to conform and bieng greedy we lose sight of the whole important picture, and get caught up in useless details.

i fear for our future

if i want someone to walk away from somthing from reading this article it is this: always question why. why you should be that way, and weather it really matters in the grand scheme of things. and also do not think with emotion. emotions are a grand thing, but they can ruin your life if they govern the decision making process. think logically.

also on an interesting side note, it seems more people who think this way own macs then pcs, somthing to think about.

because when your one of us, one of the few who can ACTUALLY look into society's judging eyes and not care if they make fun of you, and not care what they think, and just not care how anything is supposed to be and only care how it is, when your one of us, you can look into society's cold eyes, and dance a merry jig.

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posted by Smartyr on Monday, 7/22/2002:

keep on rocking keela!
all hail the god of fire

posted by Cheeses Crust on Monday, 7/22/2002:

A lot of this is good stuff, but you seem to make the assumption that all non-conformists are free thinkers and vice-versa. There's a difference. Doing something for the specific reason to be different is one thing. Doing something because you want to is another. The latter being free thinking.

Are you not a free thinker because you are a patriot for your country or because you may like popular music? Suppose a person does these because they want to, not because it was imposed upon them? What are they labeled as then?

What if someone rejects society, religion, government just to be labeled a rebel? They are just doing the opposite of what people tell them. Is that true free thinking and non-conformity?

That statement about mac and pc's really makes a good article look bad.

posted by sean on Tuesday, 7/23/2002:

first off, all non-conformists arn't necesarily free thinkers. im trying to express non-conformity as a by-product of bieng this way. and bieng a patriot or listening to popular music because you like it(although most truly do like it) dosnt suggest a non-free thinker, if you do it for the right reason, which is your own. and bieng a rebel simply for the sake of bieng a rebel and disobeying everyone isnt free thinking. your not doing what people say, but you certainly wouldnt act that way if the society never existed. people who are like us would be this way regaurdless.

and that statment only makes sence because macs only make sence. open source, most stable OS, the simplicity and effectivness of it all. it reflects the true elegence that you can attain when you use languages correctly. and when you make somthing as creative as Classic, Carbon, or Cocoa to use with the worlds most beautiful language, Obj. C, its no wonder that happens. im not saying only freethinkers use macs, or all PC users are not free thinking, but simply that it is a trend.

posted by Cheeses Crust on Tuesday, 7/23/2002:

I don't have any problems with your response, but I'd like to bring up another point.

You say gov't is the biggest problem. If the gov't is given too much control, then yes what you say is true. You're right about suicide, but you also have to remember that some people consider suicide murder, which is illegal.

However, the problem doesn't lie within the gov't power hungry claws, but the people's willingness to give up their freedom. Did you ever stop and think that some of the laws we have are unconstitional? Take a look at hate crimes. People are not only being punished for the crime they committ but also their beliefs. That's no better than Himmler sending Jews to die in Auschitwz.

The other problem is, with this country anyway, is that only a certain group of people are represented in the government. Those upper class WASP's, which is kind of a funny thing seeing how those are the same people who banded together to form the KKK. So all these other groups can't get power. If we eliminate this ridiculous bicameral system, we could open the doors to a much better system where ideas can flow freely. Then would that be such a free-thought squasher?

posted by smartyr on Wednesday, 7/24/2002:

I must actually say good call to cheeses, despite our past feuds, his post reminds me of a quote, I think it was jefferson who said those who are willing to give up freedom for security deserve neither.
As far as the government goes.... I can't really think of a better form of goverment... the only problem is that our government is too easily minipulated. The biggest issue is money. Our government and our economy are either far too close or too far apart depending on you views. If it went totally laissez faire and had no control it would probably be better for the government but worse for the economy, Than on the other hand you have modern china's new found consumerism which is totally goverment controlled yet allows "private" businesses as long as you let the governemnt know all. it has produced an intersting economy that works, but hasn't stood the test of time yet. My big problem with china is that it no longer is a communist economy but has a harsh communist government. I would love to see what would happen if china had a democracacy.....

posted by Smartyr on Wednesday, 7/24/2002:

I would also like to say that a big part of the problem is the school system, I will write an article on it as soon as I find the time. The bottom line is that schools are huge opponents of original thought, you are tought o think in order to please the teacher.... I'll save the rest for my article

posted by jethro on Tuesday, 7/30/2002:

i only have one beef with the article, there are too many you HAVE TOs in it. it seems a little redundant. Also, to smartyrs,i would like to hear what is wrong with the school system it seems to me there really is not too much wrong with it, the only thing truly wrong with public schools is the fact that they are suppose to teach us to be good americans yet the ruling system is the total oppossite of democracy. i am interested to see your article though.

posted by Tom Ford on Tuesday, 7/30/2002:

Amen brother! I feel ya!

but on a side note, let me just say I'm a proud PC user. I work at a computer store for a university, and from what I've I'd have to say my observations are basically the opposite from yours. But who knows, maybe it is all just bias-skewed perspective. In the end it doesnt really matter what computer you are using, but how you are using it.

Also, I've recently got to experience going to jail (drug related charges... go figure). Let me tell ya man... you think school, religion and society are free-thinker squashers, just wait until the day you end up in jail... *shudder*

posted by American 01 on Monday, 10/21/2002:

I have to go and disagree with your whole view on conformity. I think that everyone conforms, they just think they do. I'm going to admit it, i wear what MTV tells me is cool, i try and stay socially acceptable. But i dont think that makes me any less free than you who has put up this article and this site for that matter. The fact that you don't want to match your clothing colors is completely irrelevant to being a free thinker. To me, being a free thinker is being in a pathetic existance. You all seem very unhappy. You all are mean spirited little children. You're all angry at American govenment and culture for reasons that are beyond me. You hate the education process, BIG F*CKING DEAL, we all have to go to school, live with it. Try telling your parents that you'll be more of an individual if you dont conform and go to school... see how far that will get you, and if they agree... good for you, you'll be a loser sitting in front of your computer for the rest of your life.

posted by bruce on Wednesday, 10/30/2002:

My last ever post/look-at "teenage angst corner"/"hulla-ballo" should be encouraging.. because it's a very cool site.. and tres cool that you're thinking.

Leaving school:
your school is not the world.
When you leave (and problably go off to uni) you will find that the little bunch of red-neck zombies that have been making your life hell, are not the whole world.
There are thinkers out there.. lots of them.. most are not internet-posting-nerd-types.. they're even better.
The US is not the world: Travel.
Ok it's sometimes difficult for americans.
Often, the moment you open your mouth with a US accent, everyone sees a little sign appear above your head that says "brainless dickhead".
You have to apologise for existing.
(I know because I'm not US, and I see it from the inside. I also hate it when someone thinks I'm US.)
But.. the thinkers will give you a chance.

p.s The make-up thing is not a philosphical position. That was a bad example. suggestion: lose it.

posted by Sean Martin on Wednesday, 1/29/2003:

please excuse most of what this article says. it has the vague idea of what im trying to say, but does a horrible job explaining it. and besides, since ive written this ive made several new discoveries. dressing and acting the same is all part of being human, we are a very social animal. DO NOT CONFORM YOUR MIND. however, you do not have to simply believe things to be true simply because you are told so. and also, i was rather 'conformist' myself in narrowing it down to 'one of us'. there is no, 'one of us'. there is no 'us'. i have one thing left to say. disregaurd all of what i posted above. i urge everyone to seek out the truth. YOUR truth. what is wrong for some is right for others.

posted by spiralthrough on Wednesday, 2/12/2003:

a few things. . .the label on a can of soup often(not always of course) tells what's inside

what should be illegal are the social stimuli that push people to commit suicide..and many are

but i really like your main point, it's something i've spent quite a few years thinking about. many times over i've thought i brought the walls down set up by society but recently i finally did and it's a great feeling. and knowing isn't feeling. when you get there you'll know that nothing can stop you

posted by The Golden Chief on Tuesday, 3/4/2003:

a right to free speech is fine. hate crimes (in my opinion) is quite questionable but the point of it overall, is to see two sides of an argument. it can be pretty difficult to do. but it can have better results. who knows? you may even improve your lifestyle by seeing to sides of businesses like MAC and PC. some choose them for it's popularity, and some choose them for what it does, and how they can use it.

so in a nutshell, see two sides in an argument and don't judge a book by it's cover.

(I also noticed that some email addresses were not filled out by the name)

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