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Written by SMARTYR on Tuesday, 8/20/2002

I have thought about my activities on this site quite a bit and wondered to myself what exactly was I trying to do here. I came in with more of a purpose in my mind than just getting off by seeing myself on the internet... so what was I trying to tell the good people of the world. And so I took it back down to my psuedonym. It was never really meant to say that I am smartyr than everyone else and that I was better in some way. It was meant as a symbol of disbelief in religion and a shunning of the things that people took in and never question.
I guess what I am getting at here is that I wanted to open doors to people that maybe they hadn't seen. I have gone through a period in my life in which I realized so much that I had previously just accepted. First came school. I realized that the school system we have is horribly inefficient and widely ineeffective... I will right an article about that later....and than came religion and faith. It was easier to believe than it was to not so it took me longer to question that than many other things. But when I did it opened up a whole world of things I'd never seen. Ultimately, what I learned and had hoped to show you was this, when you question something you have always accepted you generally learn something new. In some cases it's small little things, but in others it can alter your very outlook on life.
When I found this I wanted eveyone to know of the doors that I had opened... so I came in here trying to pry them open for you... and what I found was that wasn't going to happen. So I questioned again why I was doin this and what I was trying to do...

What I am trying to get people to realize is that there are things in life everyday that you ignore... there are things everyday that we ignore and just accept without questioning why. I know there are others like me but I also realize that the majority have not come through that gate yet.. and all I am trying to do is open that gate and beckon you in.

Don't just take in small things everyday that you do because "your supposed to" or "because everyone does it" look beyond that and question why, cutting your hair, wearing clothes, shaving, school, religion, routines, everything. we are surrounded by falicies and institutions that make no sense. We are completely governed in some cases by beauty and perceptions that are essentially meaningles. Look around with just a bit of doubt in it and you may see it. when you just accept something no matter how small you are selling a bit of yourself. Don't give up on yourself so easily Look inside and...
Question everything
stand strong
be smartyr

article discussion

posted by maria on Thursday, 8/22/2002:

u would get off just to seeing yourself being posted on the web thats sick man u need help. what else do u get off to old ladies joggin and little children licking suckers u are what is wrong with america

posted by Terry Cavanagh on Saturday, 8/24/2002:

If you're going to flame somebody, at least read thier article properly. He said that he 'came in with more of a purpose in [his] mind than just getting off by seeing [him]self on the internet', not that it was his goal :)

Flamers are what is wrong with america. But then again, I'm not an american, so I'm more quilifed to make broad generalisations about things I clearly know nothing about than you are :)

- Terry Cavanagh

posted by Anal Sex Month CEO on Saturday, 8/24/2002:

What's wrong with America is foreigners like you.

What's wrong with foreigners is they're Americanized like Smartit.

Flamers are pure American, like Chinatown and crooked labour unions.

posted by someguy on Sunday, 8/25/2002:

yea y dont u just go back to russia terry and eat your gaspacho. anyways terry what has maria ever done to you huh? why do you feel the need to pick on some people no one here picks on anyone else b/c we are kind and caring people

posted by God on Sunday, 8/25/2002:

personly i think terry is bonkers everyone knows only americans get into heaven so making fun of them isnt getting you anywhere but closer to hell. so if you would just apologize and move to america where it is so much better then all can be for given but if u dont i shall smite the rite where tho stands u frog eating harry bush licking shitface

posted by Terry Cavanagh on Sunday, 8/25/2002:

Someguy - it's ridiculously obvious that 'maria' and 'someguy' are the same person.

Now that's sick. You should be the one to seek therapy, not smartyr.

And besides, I'm not russian. I'm Irish. Go have a field day with that one.

- Terry Cavanagh

posted by Terry Cavanagh on Sunday, 8/25/2002:

And by the way, with an Idiot like George Bush running the country, I wouldn't be too proud to be american right now.

- Terry Cavanagh

posted by capt. happiness on Sunday, 8/25/2002:

terry u should really lighten up everyone is just joking around but no u have to be serious i think u need some drugs like cyanide

posted by Terry Cavanagh on Monday, 8/26/2002:

Pathetic. Only two people posted in this thread, me and you. Do you have a forum or something where you just talk to yourself with your mulitple personalitys? This is pathetic.

- Terry Cavanagh

posted by Jeremy Hammond on Monday, 8/26/2002:

Just ignore him, Terry, I happen to know that this guy just likes giving people a hard time and doesn't care about the issues(not like he'd understand them if he did). So don't get locked into a 'discussion' with him, for it will be most unsatisfying.

posted by smartyr on Tuesday, 8/27/2002:

Right on terry. I hate gw. Iwould like to propose a trade, the entire bush family, the "reverend" Jesse jackson and the entire wwf for tony blair. No chance in hell, huh?
South side irish power baby! well the only part you all will get out og that is that I am irish too but obviously not from america.
stay in school, don;t do drugs and drink your milk
mr t

posted by Starfish Trooper on Thursday, 8/29/2002:

I say we trade Dubya aka Lee "Scratch" Perry, originator of dub reggae for Chef Boyardee.

I'm lactose intolerant, mother says the real milk could kill me.

I'm a Celtic sex machine baby! And by Celtic I mean Saxon. So you could call me a Sexon Maschine if you want. But I prefer Mr. Who starts sentences with conjuctions.

posted by benevolent spirit on Thursday, 8/29/2002:

jesus here giving a shout out to my homies and heres a 40 to all of my fallen comrades. im here to tell u all to listen to preperation h andy b/c he is a pure genius. and those of u who do somehow manage to swindle your way into heaven will be able to look forward to seeing him up there

posted by jason on Sunday, 9/8/2002:

hey buddy hows it going see you in lunch okay my turn is over listen to ice titan (my band and remember to run free and eat cheese goodbye the weasels are coming

posted by Jeremy Hammond on Sunday, 9/15/2002:

Yup, that's right, it's me, busting out some killa rap stylez, y'all jiggas. Black magic and all that hooah.

posted by bruce on Wednesday, 10/30/2002:

Don't get to hung up about why you're doing it. There is always a tug of war between your mind/ego and the older biological systems. "We" are both of these. Consider that most of what we do is carrot and stick reaction to environment. Some low level OS stuff (can be conditioned/messed up) decides what will be carrot and what will be stick.
Speaking your ideas is a good way of calibrating your reality. Always good to have some (possibly imaginary) voices to tell you when you're mad.

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