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Alter The Way You Think About Things

Written by Jeremy Hammond on Sunday, 9/1/2002

This reality that you've been presented with, the one you've known your entire life, is a complete lie.

The first step is to abandon everything you've ever known. Do you think you'd understand the secrets of the universe in your current state of mind? Do you really think it'd make "sense"?

But all information in the universe is arbitrary.

It's all a creation of the mind. Whatever you think, it becomes real.

To understand the meaning of the universe, you first need to seek change within yourself.

The physical world does not exist. It is only a manifestation of the way our collective consciousness 'perceives' the world. It only exists because the masses thinks it exist.

Too many people think of things in the same way. The system enforces this. Because of this, the world we live in, the world we like to think as consistant, is false. The reality that you live in is false.

Don't stop yourself from changing the way you think about things. Change, and never look back. Embrace this new way of thinking.

Be at one with the universe, and revel in it. Experience meaning in everything.

All things in the universe are in tune.

Change will happen, but you have to be ready for it. You will never think about things in the same way again. Alter the way you think about things, change your line of thinking. Examine something from a completely different mindset. Staying the same way your entire life stops your mental growth.

At any given time, the system has one way of thinking about things. This system is not formally acknowledged. It operates within each and every one of those who have not opened their eyes. And if you ask any one of them, they'll deny it.

The world has it's ways of telling you how to think. They try to program your mind, instead of you programming it yourself. The media even goes as far as calling it 'television programming'.

People who don't follow the system's way of thinking becomes 'crazy', 'stupid' and 'wrong' in the eyes of the followers. Understand that they are part of the machine that squashes free thinking. Their 'thinking' is merely the reciting of one of their commonly accepted 'facts'.

Don't give in to their attempts to drag you back in. Some people are so helplessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it. They may lash out at you, they may insult you. But their words are only meaningful to others of their kind. You, however, can see their real motive: they're trying to punish you from straying from their system.

Don't accept their logic. You've been living in a dreamworld where logic is merely temporary: where things only make sense because you believe they make sense. This is why the world is false. You have tricked yourselves into believing too many false truths.

We exist outside of your boundaries. We have transcended from your micro-world of invisible restrictions, the feeling that you should be controlled, the will to not act out of place. And we don't follow your arbitrary distinctions of good and bad, right and wrong. And we have no preference for arbitrary things such as favorite food or favorite color: superficial things which are determined by your experiences throughout your life. We're beyond all of this. We dig deeper.

We have broken FREE

There is COLOR in this world.

Don't see things as BLACK or WHITE.

The hardest part is letting go...

But you've got to let go. Can't go back now.

Every step should be a step forward.

The future is coming, and now is not the time to be thinking like the past. This is a whole new world to explore.

article discussion

posted by dhruv on Tuesday, 9/3/2002:

to be frank, you're article is a little baseless.
simply stating "all information in this universe is arbitrary" isn't enough. where are the facts to back it up?

certainly, your message is fine, and good, but in my opinion riddled with holes and completely devoid of a foundation.

perhaps your "englightenment", contrary to what you have stated in your flower-child JPEG, *is* just a trend. hippie-ism HAS been long-since replaced and perhaps you too should take your own advice and 'be ready for change'.

you ask people to question the norms and 'given' information before accepting it... and then you give us a whole lot of 'given' information too, but not backed up with any food for thought or robust facts. next time you tell us to think about things before accepting them, at least give us something to think about.

posted by Gerbil Cake on Tuesday, 9/3/2002:

Hmm...that's odd, the other day "Be Smartyr than the rest" and that Dubya post had around 100 views. Now they have less than 10. This one had 1 or 2, and most posts don't jump this much in one day.

There's something unsettling about this I do say.

posted by Jeremy Hammond on Tuesday, 9/3/2002:

The reads are reset once every few weeks, in an attempt to give new articles a standing chance.

posted by santos on Wednesday, 9/4/2002:

this sounds a bit like the matrix to me in fact some things seem to be quoted from it

posted by SMARTYR on Saturday, 9/14/2002:

DOn't be fooled by the perception of reality. The first time I heard 3rd eye by tool it blue my mind, particularly the beginning in which there's a line i can't quite remember, but it's something like
A young man on acid today. All things slowed down into one vibration and he realized that we are all one consciousness, nothing is real, none of us our real.. we are all just a product of our own imatination... and here's bill with the weather

posted by santos on Monday, 9/16/2002:

I didn't write the above statement... whoever is using my name is a santos wannabe.

posted by bruce on Wednesday, 10/30/2002:

It's good to be young and full of it.
Sounded a bit like a self-help/horrorscope in the middle... but please keep up the good work.
Consider that there might be no "they".
While you're young, yes, other people define your limits, but it's cool because you have something to push against... to sharpen your claws.
So consider.. if "they" are trying to drag you back in - what's their leverage, and what do they want.
It's not the govenemnt of that ..where is it.. err.. USA. It's everywhere.
It's a bit like market forces/survival of the fittest.. not exactly one evil mind behind it all.
Do have a wonder=>
What is the currency? (!)

posted by SickOfThemAll on Sunday, 12/29/2002:

this article changed my life for the better.
i was blind, but now i can see the chains that bind us to society.
Peace to all.

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