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Supporting Bush Couldn't Be Less Patriotic

Written by Jeremy Hammond on Saturday, 9/14/2002

Many people have asked me why I always speak out against America. The fact is, I am more American then the people who wave their flags and wear red white and blue.

Before one can understand my political stance, one must understand the clear distinction between true America and the current state of the US government. I believe in the true principles of America: freedom, tolerance and justice. However, none of these qualities are currently being exhibited by Bush's government.

Bush claims that we're fighting for freedom from oppressive regimes, for liberty, and for democracy - but they're detaining people without charging them with crimes or giving them fair trials, they're continously giving more and more power to the executive branch, and the president didn't even have the majority of the people vote for him when he became the leader. I don't know how they managed to slip all these things by without many people noticing the utter hypocrisy.

Now they're having us chant the national anthem, they're putting the Pledge of Allegiance in schools, they're encouraging people to serve for their country in the military, they're putting flags everywhere, and they're constantly giving speeches about how 'We will always remember when America saw evil'. The whole system is encouraging conformity and to blindly follow the government as they clense the world of 'evil'. And they still have the nerve to call themselves a nation of freedom.

They're not fighting for liberty, people: they're fighting to protect the financial and political interests of the rich ruling class.

Upon closer inspection of his statements and reading between the lines, it seems that every move Bush is always benefiting either some rich corporation or his circle of cronies. Lowering taxes? 31% of his tax cut goes to the wealthiest 1% of all Americans(kind of hypocritical for Bush to say "These are the basic ideas that guide my tax policy: lower income taxes for all, with the greatest help for those most in need.", eh?). Invading Afghanistan? Secure American oil interests. Invade Iraq? Keep the public distracted while. Repealing the Corporate Alternative Minimum Tax.. retroactive to 1986, so that we end up giving $25 billion back to large corporations? There's no room for interpreting this one - the entire point is to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Bush's plan to fight wildfires by easing regulations on logging companies? Hey, wait a minute - didn't Bush receive ten times more financial contributions from logging companies then any other presidential canidate? Why, that's a funny coincidence!

Bush clearly doesn't reflect true American principles, and therefore defending Bush is not being patriotic to our country. Bush has siezed control over our country and has infected it with his corrupt policies. And he has convinced the population that by waving flags, singing the national anthem and following the government, you're being patriotic.

Somehow we got the idea that criticizing the government during this 'time of crisis' is unamerican. It's actually the complete opposite. The true American spirit is based around questioning authority, rebelling oppressive monarchies, and putting the government into it's place if it grabs too much power. If Thomas Jefferson was alive today, he would be utterly disgusted about the current state of the United States. He would wonder how freedom-loving people could let such a dictator tear up the constitution. This is not what America represents.

We let this happen, but we can easily turn it around again. We need to wake people up and let them see what is happening. Remember, most Americans get their news from watching their corporate-controlled televisions which only reflect what the big companies want you to know about. Support the underground press, write your own opinions, hand things out. Shout things in public, talk to strangers. Disrupt their thought patterns, make them experience new things - only then will they begin to see things from a different perspective. I feel a change coming.

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posted by Marc D on Sunday, 9/15/2002:

I agree with most of what you say about Bush, but not really in the way that you say it. I disagree with your use of the word "true", i.e. "true American principles." Usage of the word "true" in that sense is a fallacy of logic (specifically the "No True Scotsman" fallacy). Go to this website for a kick-ass list of fallacies that'll help you tear into the conformists even better:

posted by Cheeses Crust on Sunday, 9/15/2002:

You can't easily turn this kind of stuff around, and it didn't start with Bush either.

What's wrong with encouraging people to join the armed forces? As far as I know, no one is forced into service.

America's so cool, it's only fair we go out like a bitch.

posted by Captain America on Monday, 9/16/2002:

Ya, go America! With out America where would there be barbecues? Nowhere thats where I say up with capitalism and down with fascism. And those who dont like it can go shove their dead grandma up their ass.

posted by Commy on Wednesday, 9/18/2002:

yea for the anti capitalists

posted by American 01 on Saturday, 10/26/2002:

It seems that you know nothing about the war process. The President of the USA can commission troops into battle for 30 days. He then has to remove them for 60. This keeps the President from beginning a total war without Congressional approval, stop making Bush out to be a dictator, he's far from it.

posted by Cindy Braidy on Saturday, 12/14/2002:

stop making fun of Bush, he has the cutest smile, I wish he was my daddy instead of that homo my mom married. And another thing Im tired of all the rumors that I killed Marsha, Her untimely death was hard on us all. And her death isn't the reason Im hooked on methamphetamines

posted by oOSavesTheDayOo on Thursday, 3/20/2003:

Who says that no one is forced to go to war? Hasn't anyone heard of the draft? Yeah, it's not in effect now but they sure could reinstate it in a hurry. Bush is a poor national leader. Every other American war, the pres gets on the horn and tells guys to go fight for their country. Now with this war, our pres gets on the horn and tells everyone to go buy 25 sq ft of plastic and a roll of duct tape. Poor leadership if you ask me. Why doesn't he he just tell us to tuck our heads between our legs and kiss our butts goodbye?

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