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The War on Iraq is a Fraud

Written by Jeremy Hammond on Tuesday, 9/17/2002

Remember when Bush says that we need to invade Iraq because they're refusing to let UN inspectors? Well, Iraq is now unconditionally allowing weapons inspectors into their country to check for weapons in any way they feel is necessary - without any restrictions whatsoever. One would assume that the US would back down, right?

Nope. Bush said that we 'must not be fooled' by their offer. And so he continues with his efforts to make war.

I think this proves without a reasonable doubt that they have no concern whether Iraq is building weapons of mass destruction or not. They simply have their own agenda with their own motivations and nothing will stop them from attempting to 'topple' the 'evil' Iraqi 'regime'.

Oh, who am I kidding, anyway. They had this war planned the whole time anyway. In fact - the war is already on - but we haven't 'formally' announced it yet. We already have troops in Iraq. We're training anti-Saddam militants, and giving them weapons. We're completely mobilizing for war - and there is no going back now.

It's no longer a simple matter of whether we should attack Iraq, nor is it even when we should attack. To Bush, it's a matter of waiting until enough Americans support going to war, then he'll announce that we're attacking Iraq, so that his image will improve. Who would launch a war when the majority of the country is against it? No one. That's why he's throwing propaganda around left and right to convince more and more Americans that we should go to war. Keep that in mind every time Bush says that we have a responsibility to cleanse the world of rogue nations.

Hmm... wait a minute. The United States meets all the criteria of a rogue nation.

We have weapons of mass destruction.

We launch pre-emptire attacks on unprovoking countries.

We have a president in power who was not democratically elected, where the people are oppressed, where big companies run the government, where the rich wage war for personal profit.

Take a step back and ask yourself... who's the bad guy here?


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posted by Cheeses Crust on Thursday, 9/19/2002:

Cool dude.
It's the "Bay Of Pigs 2: The Search For More Money." Or is it "Vietnam
Revisited," starring Hussein as Sand Nigger Extraordinaire. Or perhaps most interesting, "Road Warriors of the Fertile Crescent." The Hindu Kush being replaced by the Fertile Crescent, fast forwarding time about 15 years, and replacing the hammer & sickle with the stars & stripes. This winter's blockbusters should take our nation by storm or Iraq.

posted by Patrick on Wednesday, 9/25/2002:

Bush was democratically elected...It's not like mr. "lets hide our problems away in a LOCKBOX" Gore would be any be better than bush.
It's really unfortunate that the Constitution didn't implement instant runoff voting-that would have solved the 2-party problem and saved us from both clinton and bush :/
Agree 100% that war on Iraq is unjustified.

posted by Tom on Thursday, 9/26/2002:

There will always be class systems. There will always be oppression. There will always be greed and war. And there will always be people fighting against it and dying in their efforts. There will always be lies. There will always be stupidity. There will always be laws to maintain an established order. There will always be people to exploit the system for personal gain. This is how it always has been. This is how it always will be.

Luckily, there will also always be people who see it this way.

"Stop searching cause there's no answer!
Just a long line of distaster!
There's no simple way to stop the sadness!
Life's not fair I'm glad its not!
This isn't heaven, just a lonely planet,
Lying on the verge of self destruction!"
-NoFX, "Herojuana"

posted by George on Friday, 9/27/2002:

I think that if we had had Al Gore, we would have run in to the same problem. You may remember "Desert Fox" that little ass-fuck of a war that Clinton started to get press attention off of his little blow job. But look at this, every few months or so, you see on CNN that "The US and Britian have done a round of bombing on Iraq". They claim that they cant get wepons inspectors in, but the other day, the last wepon inspector to leave Iraq (back in 1998) he siad that there were zero wepons of mass destruction left in the country. But what right do we have? I mean, there are still wepons of mass destruction in this country. What about the other countrys with wepons of mass destruction, why doesnt the US attack them? Because the US needs a scape goat, once there done with Iraq, there going to just accack some other country that consists of sand and muels. Anyway, we as a nation are screwed even if we dont attack Iraq.

posted by SMartyr on Sunday, 9/29/2002:

ISn't it ironic that as soon as we loose tabs on bin laden bush closes in on sadaam? he's just covering his ass.... look. Bin laden made bush look like a fool.... he needs to recover his ever precious image. So he finds himself a scapegoat and starts telling everyone how evil this rat bastards and that we're gonna get him and kick his ass.. but what happnes when G-dub fails once more? who will he go after next?

posted by Cheeses Crust on Sunday, 9/29/2002:

Dubya's image? You mean a coke-snortin' daddy's boy? I'd call him a cowboy, but that makes the rest of them look bad.

Bush wasn't democratically elected. Gore got the popular vote, but that hideous assfuck known as the electoral college ruined everything. The govenment thinks the people are too incompetent to pick decent leaders. They're no more competent than who ever's in charge. Gore's a looney too.

Down with the electoral college, up with mini skirts!

posted by Matt on Monday, 10/21/2002:

Ya, I agree with Patric, Bush was elected democraticly... Who knows if there was sum tampering with the ballots and votes, but nothing worse then the mafia endorsing kennedy + thousands of either non existet or dead people voting.And lts notforgett that Bush Sr. was the head of the CIA and this made some pretty powerfl contacts... (i.e. Regan deffeating bush in the 1980 primary and then asking bush to be his running-mate. Although thats not to rear... but none the less intersting)But yes, war with Iraq is unjustified. Although Bush say Hussien has more then 700 gallons of anthrax, if this is true then i may have to rethink my position

posted by Concerned Canadian on Monday, 10/21/2002:

hey morons wake up. Iraq is out to kill your american ass's and the sad part is none of you americans can see it but bush! yes they are building major weapons and ya they are letting the un inspectors in to look around but not in there palaces which are bigger than most citys in the us u morons! Im canadian and know your stupid for not supporting him. and no shit u have men already there training ppl and giving weapons...NEWS FLASH...thats what your counrty has done for yrs idiots...lets see ummm veitnam for one. who do u think trained the south and gave them weapons...ummm you guys, hello this is nothing new. its kill or be killed in todays society. sadam has brain washed his ppl in a way comparable to hitler! they hat your ass's and want u dead. the country is full of terroists who fled there from afganistan. HELL who do u think made up half of Binladins forces.....IRAQIS!!!

HEll Canadians can see whats comming for you ass's if u dont stop the tree hggin hippy shit! Its kill or be killed. If u thought 9'11 was bad ( And i mean no disrespect to those ppl who died there in any way, god bless them and may they rest in peace) BUT HOLY SHIT it will look like a hole in the wall if saddam sets a bio chemical shit on your ass's or even a nuke. dont kid yourselves. He has let all prisoners in there prisons out to farther his support basis. Im talkin murders, rapists, child molesters. Open your fuckin eyes and act now while u can.

posted by hairyteabags on Saturday, 11/16/2002:

this is all about fucking oil- no excuse me, this "war on terrorism" how in the fuck is it a war if congress hasnt declared it? and yes it i kind of ironic that as soon as we lose ties with bin laden that we go after the next supposed terrorist...even after fucking saddam says we can look, fuck bush and his bullshit daddy;s boy whining coke snorting crap, all he wants is money, and lots of it, and with middle class 14 year old americans like me...we can change it, FUCK CHOSEN IGNORANCE GOD TOLD ME TO SKIN YOU ALIVE

posted by willie neilson on Saturday, 12/14/2002:

george dubya bush is a crippled midget lesbian boy who stands ten feet tall with a knife

posted by :) on Thursday, 1/23/2003:

hello. Well, USA imports only 5% of it's oil from Red Sea Area... It also needs quite a pile of tankers to bring that oil back. Don't you think it would be much better by buying more oil from countries like Venesuela (South America's north), than fighting for those puny 5% at another side of the globe?

posted by evilduck on Tuesday, 1/28/2003:

posted by evilduck on Tuesday, 1/28/2003:

the last argument :) :

posted by CrashOveride on Wednesday, 3/19/2003:

If you cannot find Osama, bomb Iraq.
If the markets are a drama, bomb Iraq.
If the terrorists are frisky,
Pakistan is looking shifty,
North Korea is too risky,
Bomb Iraq.

If we have no allies with us, bomb Iraq.
If we think that someone's dissed us, bomb Iraq.
So to hell with the inspections,
Let's look tough for the elections,
Close your mind and take directions,
Bomb Iraq.

If corporate fraud is growin', bomb Iraq.
If your ties to it are showin', bomb Iraq.
If your politics are sleazy,
And hiding that ain't easy,
And your manhood's getting queasy,
Bomb Iraq.

posted by CrashOveride on Wednesday, 3/19/2003:

For the full version of this song, go to it's under Bush Theme Song, very funny very true



posted by jack on Wednesday, 3/19/2003:

bush is doing this to get back and make his daddy proud cause he failed to kill him the first time

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