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The Failures of Morality

Written by Jeremy Hammond on Wednesday, 10/2/2002

Many people have ideas about how the world works, or how it was created, or where it's going, or why things happen. We all have the right to form our own ideas about the nature of the world, but we can't let this thoughts obscure what is actually happening.

The universe is composed of objects and events(space and time). At any given second, objects in the universe are positioned in certain places. The movement of objects during a period of time represents events. At the very rawest, lowest level, things happen in this universe. The universe has no consideration of right and wrong about these things, they just happen. What comes from that is merely our own individual interpretations of these events.

This is the physical layer of the universe. It can be measured, it can be analyzed, and scientific conclusions can be drawn from it. However, nothing from the physical layer gives any sort of WHY things happen. Why things turn out certain ways, why certain things happen. Coincidences, deja-vu, randomness, patterns.

Enter the quantum layer. The quantum layer addresses WHY things happen, and this can hardly be 'proven' as evidence can only derive from the physical layer. The physical layer only describes WHAT happened, not what outside elements contributed to the complex series of events that led to what happened. And this layer is subjective to each individual person: there is no objective reality in the quantum sense. We all interpret things that happened in different ways. We all create our own universe.

Everyone has ideas about how the quantum layer works. However, too many people get so deeply involved that they lose sight of what is actually happening. When someone starts to wholeheartedly believe that their reality is the 'true' one, that's when the restriction, the oppression, the murder, begins. Too much blood has been shed quarreling over belief.

You, YOU YOURSELF, create the world you want to live in. You can manipulate the way you interpret things. You can think of things in certain ways, but just remember that the physical reality it is only the shifting and manipulation of objects over time. So form whatever ideas you want to form. Just remember that those thoughts are local to you, but physical things affect other people.

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posted by o' wise one on Tuesday, 10/8/2002:

that's just your interpretation of reality... its all relative.

posted by cinders42085 on Friday, 10/18/2002:

you are right on in this matter. i've believed this theory for a long time and everybody just says i'm crazy for it.

posted by Mitch Isaacson on Friday, 10/18/2002:

...Which makes everything seem so insignifigant. Let's just give up, and move to Jamaica!

posted by American 01 on Monday, 10/21/2002:

I just want to state the fact that this article has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with its title.

posted by George Tush on Monday, 10/21/2002:

A misleading title. What a great joke!!
I'll have to use it sometime.

posted by bruce on Wednesday, 10/30/2002:

Hmm.. ok, it's very hard to get away from the scientific world view.. try kicking around a more anthropocentric view.. since you are human?
Reality is a thing of consensus -
ie. whatever everyone in the room agrees on or sees. Ask any cultist.
Since most of what we care about is to do with other people, the human angle
can be helpful.
Ok, there does seem to be an rather enduring quality in physical objects.. i.e someone new entering the room will generally see them too.
We manipulate these objects to effect other people or our situation (i.e our sensory inputs).
BUT.. the scientific view is just one, very well developed, description.. yes?
If a how or why fits in, then it's true.

posted by Everyones friend on Monday, 12/16/2002:

i think another movie review is in order, this time it is for the new rendition of Spider Man. Spider Man is about this guy peter parker who gets bit by a radio active spider and gets cancer. This came as such a suprise I was all up and about to go buy some radio active spiders because i was thinking "dude i bet radio active spider bites would give me powers." but then this movie came along and proved me wropng. judging by this review im sure you can tell i didnt actually see this movie. i bet as the reader your pretty pissed off. well im the one writing the reviews here, maybe you should shut the hell up.

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