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thought patterns of a narrow mind

Written by jeremy hammond on saturday, 4/20/2002

people act predictably. the narrow mind is an easy concept to understand. the narrow mind system operates like this: people don't think; they recall. there are only actions and reactions. once someone happens, people go through their memory banks and try to find a similar situation that has happened to them in the past. once they find the closest match, they look at their reaction to whatever the situation was - and they act in a similar manner as a reaction to the action. their life composes only of patterns and not thoughts.

it's kind of like muscle memory: once you do something enough times, you get so used to it that when the time comes to do it again, you just do it automatically, like a machine.

this is what the entire foundation of discipline is based on. for example, a parent trying to get children to not bite other people. when the kid first bites someone, he has no concept of what he is doing. he has never done it before. the parent sees this and wants the kid to not do it anymore. so he punishes him; he gives the child a spanking in the hopes that the child will 'learn his lesson'. spank the child enough times, then the next time the child feels the need to bite people, he will instintively associate the action of 'biting people' with being beaten. the child will know that biting people is wrong because everytime he does it, he feels bad.

this is what you're parents are telling you when they say 'learn your lesson'. they want you to recognize the pattern that when you do what they consider to be bad, you will be punished. they are trying to brainwash you, to try to make your image of what right and wrong is modeled after theirs.

if something that people are not familar with happens, the people will not know how to react to something. then they will try to think of an appropriate response to the action in question. however, after years and years of recalling memories and not thinking, people will become deprogrammed and will lose the ability to think and function in new and different situations.

for example, i have been trying to convince my physical education teacher to play a certain sport in class. for two weeks i've been asking him if we could play "speedaway"(a game like soccer and football combined) instead of normal soccer. for two weeks now we've playing nothing but soccer. eventually, i decided we'd play speedaway anyway. the next time the ball came to me, i just picked it up and started playing speedaway. i grabbed the ball, ran alongside my friend who was also playing with me, and we passed the ball to each other several times as if we were avoiding other players. we ran the entire length of the field and scored without resistance. no one was chasing us, they just stood there doing absolutely nothing and watching. they have never seen a situation like this before, they don't quite know how to react. should they start playing with the speedaway rules? should they tackle us? they had absolutely no concept of what to do. no similar situation like this has ever happened to them.

this is the way to break the system. the key is to always be in a state of childlike wonder. think for yourselves - be creative. break the circle of ignorance. be spontaneous.

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posted by Conrad on Saturday, 4/20/2002:

machining can be a good effect as well as a bad one... the speedaway story is great, we play that in our gym classes also. Spontanasaty(had to use html tags) is a great factor that we should all remember and hold.


posted by Moo on Monday, 4/22/2002:


posted by Cory on Wednesday, 4/24/2002:

Awesome site. There are not to many people spreading the truth about the world.

posted by santos on Tuesday, 4/30/2002:

great observations jeremy! another way of stating this concept is "scripting." people respond in scripts of dialoge and actions. when a family sits down to eat dinner, they play out a script of dialoge while eating. this "home" dinner script is familar to them, therefore, they are comfortable. when, however, one of the members of the family eats dinner at a friends house; or perhaps even a better example, a girlfriends house. the individual becomes anxious because they are unfamilar with the scripting. they don't know what to say, which way to pass the food, how much food to take, etc. they have to analyze each new situation, and make decisions based on new simulus.

posted by santos (cont.) on Tuesday, 4/30/2002:

this is why some people are content living in a small town always doing the same thing day in and day out, because it is comfortable and secure for them. on the other hand, there are those who have been exposed to a plethora of diverse scripting, and consequently, are able to adapt and "think" better in new situations. you definately correct in saying that the way to "think" is to expose oneself to new and different situations, and in doing so, a person experiences genuine personal growth.

posted by Jethro on Saturday, 5/18/2002:

Ahhhh yes humans are like insects compared to my god like physique. Another great experement,given to me by a friend, was one day in the middle of normal dinner conversation i blerted out "the hollocaust never happened." my mother didnt respond she just looked at me and then went back to her conversation with my father about sending me to military school.

posted by *Smartyr* on Sunday, 5/26/2002:

Gotta love hammond, he is one crazy fellow. Quite a genious in his own respect though. School is the enemy of society and the progression of mankind. It is used to mold the youth into brainless machines and that is why there have been no advances in medicine in the past 25 years. to sum it all up.


posted by Jethro on Sunday, 6/2/2002:

well there smartyr i am going to have to agree with you about this questioning everything, but school in all respect is not the enemy of society. With out education children would grow up ignorant and useless. Also there have been some important advances in medicine, if they arent that good dont blame it on the school system blame it on the fdc. Things like Calculus, Trig and Physics are important to society, students are just to lazy and brainwashed by "TV" so they complain about their education. So to sum it all up... everyone has the right to make their own choices.

posted by Smartyr on Sunday, 6/2/2002:

I'll admit that I went a little overboard in some places. But you are mistaking me in one major point. I did not say that EDUCATION is the enemy of society, I said that our school system is the enemy of society. It is in someways a necessary evil, but kids should not be forced to learn things they don't want to. That is not in a sense that if they are too lazy they shouldn't. I have an article I want to right on the shcool system that stems of a new system in which people learn what they wan to learn. There should be no educational standards. I feel Germany has a damn good school system in which they stop 1 educational standard at the of 4th grade, and from there they break it down into more specialized areas. I am not sure if that is exactly how it works, but I think it is close

posted by Concerned Canadian on Monday, 10/21/2002:

"but kids should not be forced to learn things they don't want to."
I hate math, should i not learn it because i dont want to? Or english, hell i hate that as well, why not just say to hell with it?

Why dont we say "Hey u can get by with your fingers and toes kids, and you dont need to know how to put toghether an essay. What the hell lets all smoke a doody and be philosophers!"

What kinda of a stupid statement are u trying to make?? With what u suggest youd have mass anarchy! Kids need to be told what they NEED to learn. how the hell can they decide whats good for them or not??? they have no life expreince, so basicly they know about shit when it comes to makeing big decisions like such. If they didnt make our friend Jeremy sit through many a boring english class that he probably DIDNT want to be there we wouldnt have the "pleasure" of reading his...well basicly essays.

What your suggesting is not only retarded but has just lowered my iq by reading it, thank god i have lots to spare. (ya and my typing is shit so what, einstein had trouble wipeing his own ass)

posted by bruce on Wednesday, 10/30/2002:

Remember there are all sorts of people in the world, and not all of them need a challenging life. For the most part if they are conditioned with a good set of responses.. less pain.
I think it's more the social aspect of schools (especially for a bunch of teenagers in the "who am i" stage) that
does the damage to free thinking.
Now when I throw something new at someone, and I see the "different, threatening, discard, abort!" software kick in, I back away in a caring manner and accept they are just trying to get by, the best way they can.
For those speaking of "brainless machines" and "human progress" I tell you that you were born the usual way.
Huh? for the most most part boring people just have something so important to them that they don't want the boat to rock. Like kiddies.
Human progress.. to what?

posted by (anonymous) on Wednesday, 4/16/2003:

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