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communism is NOT socialism

Written by jeremy hammond on Sunday, 4/21/2002

i'm not condoning either system as a form of government or economic theory, and i'm also not saying either is bad. all i'm saying is that when you enter a political discussion, at least know the correct definitions of the terms you are debating about!

america has been brainwashed. since the cold war's massive propaganda campaign to destroy communism, very few people understand communism in the true meaning of the word. one of the main problems is the association of the former soviet union being a communist country. the soviet union was not a communist country in any stretch of the word - it couldn't be any closer to socialism.

but first let's define the terms. socialism is a form of government where the government manipulates the economy by controlling industry and property. in theory, this system would work because, if put into practice correctly, everyone would be equal - there would be no poor people, there would be no rich people. the problem of course is when this form of government is put into practice, the government abuses their power and limits civil rights and works for their own benefit and not the people. communism is a system where people work together to achieve common goals - everyone works together to solve problems, everyone recieves an equal portion of the fruits of the labor. the obvious problem is in a system like this, too much trust is given to the people, and (especially in america) people are too greedy and selfish. they would work towards their own personal gain instead of the community's. despite popular belief, this isn't the evil system that the american government has led us to believe it is(either out of ignorance or out of the pursuit of their own financial gain).

for those who are more educated, this article is nothing new. it's just that i get so pissed to see people talk about things, convinced that they are right, when they don't even know what they are talking about.

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posted by Cory on Thursday, 5/2/2002:

You are wrong on one thing, The Soviet Union considered themselfs offically to be Socialist, not communism. But both types of government are based off one unused system of government created in the late 1890's. Marxism, named for founder, Carl Marx. His idea was of equality. To destroy capitalism and give money to the poor working man. After Lennon (founder of the Russian Revoultion) heard of this, he created communism. The word is derived from comunity. But that was later changed to a more Socialist level. A modern source of Socialism is the government of Sweeden. I think that I said enough.

posted by said enough? on Friday, 5/3/2002:

hey cory, you may have said enough, but you sure didn't check your spelling of "sweden." which i have spelled correctly for you. i think that i spelled enough :)

posted by asdf on Friday, 5/3/2002:

He also forgot that his first name is 'Karl'.

posted by Jethro on Saturday, 5/18/2002:

Jeremy you are right, people need to get their facts straight, my german teacher was going on and on one day about how she hated "commmunist" east germany. me being the good history student i am, yet poor german student, pointed out the fact that it was socialist infact. the teacher dumbfounded, ridiculed my ideas(actually i anticipated her ignorant response so i manipulated another student to say this for me.) so in conclussion the life of a pirate isnt what it seems

posted by Cheeses Crust on Thursday, 6/13/2002:

Americans hate communists, even though they don't know what they are.

The USSR was closer to communism economically than any other country and look what happened. Russia is a financial mess then, now and will continue to be so as long as the commoners have the same work ethic they had back in the USSR days.

Let's give a warm round of applause to VI Lenin for proving "total communism" as an inefficient government/economic system. Now socialism, that has a chance.

posted by spittingrage on Wednesday, 6/19/2002:

Socialism does indeed have a chance - assuming we (i.e., the USA) can ever get around all of this neo-patriotic and arch-conservative imagery / thinking that the media has constantly fed the American people in the wake of 9/11. What do socialism and terrorism have to do with each other? Everything, if you're an arch-conservative, or so it would seem (because of course one is either a Republican or one is a terrorist; it's just that simple). Anyway, all sarcasm and table pounding aside, here's a link to the Democratic Socialist Party of the USA...while it's not the most stunning web site you'll ever see, I guess if there's anyplace to find out more about the priniciples of socialism, this would be it.

posted by malcolmmasher on Wednesday, 7/3/2002:

I'd just like to make two points. First, I don't think that Americans are any more selfish, on average, than the rest of the world. It's just a LOT easier to be selfish, since there's more money and property. Second, I agree that socialism has a chance, but I think that it should be "restricted" (meaning that the government controls only the prices of essentials, such as basic foodstuffs and utilities) which would both make any transition easier and leave some of capitalism intact.

posted by evil_duck on Tuesday, 10/1/2002:

hey. sorry about my english, not the first language to me.
so ... couple ideas on this socialism disease in europe.

i did study the history of russia and soviet union and communism and marksism-leninism, being not so lucky as to live on the eastern side of the iron-curtain. that's the intro for anyone who wants to flame me and send me to google :).

first of all, russia has nothing to do with socialism. This plague of XX century appeared in France, as an idea of world revoliution. If you really want to know who were the people who brought revoliution and "bright tommorow" to Russia - then read about the lives of Lenin and Stalin and all alike. Lenin was a mad man. He lived and died as one. Stalin was the bloodiest murderer ever seen on the face of this Earth.

the fact in history they never ever talk about : the dawn of communism : People never understood the idea of "common property", so more than 20M of them had to die because of hunger and masskillings.

if your are still thinking, that communism is good, look at countries like russia, china, vietnam and such. would you like to live there?

i don't say that capitalism is good. it generates alot of crap too, though in capitalism you don't have to go to jail or mental hospital, just because you listen to beatles, or grow long hair.

capitalism is not the best soliution, but nothing better is yet invented...

done. kre. evil_duck

posted by Concerned Canadian on Monday, 10/21/2002:

Communism in itself is probably the greatest idea known to man. every one is equal and all is shared. However it will never work because man is greedy. its in our instincts we can help it. look at animal packs, no one eats till the dominant male or in some cases female has had there fill. its the way to social order works. The top of the chain will prosper as much as they like and pass down the scraps when they feel generous.

posted by intoxicated on Thursday, 1/2/2003:

posted by intoxicated on Thursday, 1/2/2003:

the greatest idea known, eh? so is eternal love, equality and world peace ....

posted by billy on Thursday, 1/23/2003:

According to the Black Book of Communism, an 846-page study published in Paris by a group of French historians in 1997, Marxist holocausts claimed 20 million victims in the former Soviet Union, and between 45 million and 72 million in China. The global tally adds to these figures between 4.3 million and 5.3 million in Cambodia, Vietnam, and North Korea, 1.7 million in Africa, 1.5 million in Afghanistan, 1 million in Eastern Europe, and 150,000 in Latin America.

Do you still think it can work?

posted by Matt Hill on Sunday, 2/16/2003:

Cory, Lennon was the founder of the bealtes... V.I. LENIN was the instigator of the russian revolution.

posted by Krystal on Monday, 4/14/2003:

we have seen communism only in the form of what people believe it to be. Not one leader has shown true communism. True communism allows all to have food, a job, a home, and no one is refused the essentials of life. I believe that communism as we have seen it is nothing more than fascism!!!

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