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universal disobedience theorem

Written by SMARTYR on Saturday, 11/23/2002

I was driving the other day thinking how can anarchy possibly be instilled, and i realized no matter what it can't because someone would always grab power and rule, partially as people want to be ruled. To quote the declaration of independance " governments are instilled among men in order to protect these rights" these right are the famous life liberty and the pursuit of happinnes. After getting pissed about the pursuit of happiness. i got bback to anarchy. I'm driving and doing 40 in a 25 with no fear of geting pulled over as everyone around me was doing the same speed and a cop wouldn't pull us all over, and I realized something. What if this principle could be expanded to a ton of things. If everyone disobeys a law then it cannot be enforced. And a law is just a piece of paper if it can't be enforced. in this way one might be able to instill a selective anarchy. basically the laws are decided by the people. some laws most people want instilled.I sure as shit don't want to see murderers and rapists running free, so those laws stand. but if enough people smoke pot than the government would lay off (see canada where pot laws are only enforced if they are used in a gang setting as currency, and people smoke up openly in bars). if it can happen thre we might be able to make it happen here. If per say that we wanted to keep a corporation out of business for a day, we could get enough people in the head office and park cars all in the lot leaving them no place to put their cars and no way to get to work. IT would take a ton of people, maybe 1000 cars... but they coudn't tow them all, and if you put on an emergency brake and tilt the wheels they can't tow. granted they may give tickets and such but i think you get my point. the idea is if enough people disobey a law we can make the law unenforceable and therefore null. we've done it with speeding. canada has done it with marijauna, let's see if we can't take it to new heights here in the us.

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article discussion

posted by bruce on Tuesday, 11/26/2002:


posted by just a thought on Tuesday, 11/26/2002:

if enough people vote that you should stop writing articles, will you stop?

posted by someguy on Tuesday, 11/26/2002:


posted by Nex on Saturday, 11/30/2002:

haha nice article, interresting too. But i wouldnt try and stretch it too far =).

posted by SickOfThemAll on Monday, 12/16/2002:

thats a great idea smatyr, but could never be pulled off. We live in a 'blind' society, and could never get enough peeps 2 do it. count ME in though!!
break free ya all!


posted by smartyr on Saturday, 12/28/2002:

Hey "just a thought" here's my to cents to you. people who refuse to think outside of there own terms such as you are my fuel. when ignorant people like you cease to exist I will no longer need to write and that's when I'll stop. So keepon supplying the fuel because I won't stop untill you do

posted by SickOfThemAll on Friday, 1/24/2003:

smartyr, i am just being practical!
if u wanna change the world, you need ACTION not just airheaded-talk! so great idea, but think of somthing realistic!


posted by SickOfThemAll on Friday, 1/24/2003:

PS: shut up 'just a thought' you should'nt be here.

posted by smartyr on Friday, 1/31/2003:

Hey "sik" I was refering to just a thought, not you,that guys been hounding me for months
peace out

posted by SickOfThemAll on Sunday, 2/9/2003:

sorry smartyr!
didnt read your message properly!
keep up the good work!
luv, Sik

posted by the fonz on Thursday, 4/3/2003:

alright gang, what we all need here is a big group hug... and a sack of doorknobs, oh yeah that would be sweet

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