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Written by alex on Monday, 12/16/2002

OK, so I get nothing but feedback that's utter nonsense. Is there something you would like me to write about, or would you prefer that I quit hulla-balloo altogther?

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posted by the Fonz on Monday, 12/16/2002:

why did you delete the last articles, those where gold man(and i use the term loosely) they taught us all to love again or in your case hate, dont get me wrong i really love you alex, no no i mean it im thinking about hugging you right now, all warm and squish like that squirrel i found on the roadside

posted by (anonymous) on Monday, 12/16/2002:

Howdy gang! Have any of you seen that last Star wars movie, It had some good parts, or so im told cause i didnt see that one either. im listening to foghat right now and im looking pretty hot in these pink pants so i think its time to review Harry Potter. Now alot of people been dissin ol harry but man that cat can swing. wow im *expletive deleted* getting of the subject already ,damn sexy ol me. lets get back on track harry potter is a *expletive deleted* homely little boy who gets beaten regularly by his aunt and uncle. Wanting to end the torment harry goes to a *expletive deleted* halfway house,or so he thinks, it really it turns out to

posted by Everybodys friend on Monday, 12/16/2002:

-finishing story- be some sort of satanic school for wizards. theres more *expletive deleted* torment and harry beatings. he makes friends with some whinny little *expletive deleted* nerds who also get beaten. they try to solve some sort of mystery in hopes of getting respect from his peers. but end up getting ritualisticaly slaughtered. well the ending i made up, the movie really sucked and i fell asleep halfway through it. although i met this cool janitor who smoked crack his name was willy he also thought the movie sucked. so in turn willie gave this movie three stars cuz when that *expletive deleted* white boy flew around he most pissed hiself.

posted by Terry Cavanagh on Tuesday, 12/17/2002:

Alex, those 'nonsense' opinions that you've been getting, are, as usual, the fault of just one moron. Nobody else who visits this page even pays any attentian to him/her (but let's face it - him, with severe overcompansation for his homosexuality).

You shouldn't even think about deleting your articles or 'quitting' just because of one slimy little void! I've been the enjoying your articles :)

As for advice for your articles - just write about whatever you want to, like you've been doing.

- Terry Cavanagh

posted by richard friar on Tuesday, 12/17/2002:

homosexuality, dude that's scrot!

nobody wants to hear about mild ADD, we want to be told how to live our lives, that's why we come here

posted by Terry Cavanagh on Wednesday, 12/18/2002:

That, Alex, is the moron is question. Again.

- Terry Cavanagh

posted by Everyones Friend on Friday, 12/20/2002:

Terry you have a lot of anger problems, please take them out side, this is a movie review discussion board

posted by pip (from england) on Tuesday, 12/24/2002:

i agree with everyones friend terry u seriously need to die rite now u materialistic cow fucker i hope u die good. without these movie reviews how am i suppose to know what movies are suitable for my children to watch i mean obviously harry potter isnt with the flogging and the drugs. in conclusion die terry

posted by smartyr on Saturday, 12/28/2002:

see pip your problem is a lack or originality. you don't make any good threats you just say you need to die. You could have said (to quote MAYNARD)"why don't you gos suck on a big bag of salty dicks,and if the world gets lucky you'll choke on one" but no you just had to play into someone elses scheme. How original
Terry you rock and I don't mean that about you, in fact I mean it to the one loser who always postsBS here
peace out folks

posted by the fonz on Saturday, 12/28/2002:

you see smartyr, your whole post was so redundant it makes Rush Limbah look like Hello Kitty. Originality? well wasn't your whole insult taken from someone else? in my book that isnt originality, thats not even the turkish judicial system(which is pretty injust i might add) i bet you sit at home friday nights smelling your own farts because you think you can get high off the fumes. you see smartyr there was nothing sexual about that insult, its just funny cause its true
-Im not going to put my name here cause i realize it is at the top

posted by (anonymous) on Wednesday, 1/8/2003:

smartyr criticizes someone for being un original and then quotes someone else because he is unable to produce an insult of his own. how sad, and hypocritical. i think smartyr is taking advantage of everyone making fun of alex so that he can try to press his image of being an original free thinker, but he failed miserable. keep reaching for that rainbow alex and terry makes bacon on the beach

posted by the fonz on Wednesday, 1/8/2003:

sex bacon?

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