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We work too hard

Written by alex on Tuesday, 12/17/2002

I just got back from a vacation in Disneyworld and we went to a Norwegian restaurant in Epcot (with really good food by the way). Our waiter was an immigrant from Norway who is taking college here in the US. He told us how he wishes the US could slow down and enjoy life. He said he nearly flipped because he got started on his job with two weeks vacation. Now, that's standard for here in the US. In Europe, the standard is four weeks vacation. In France, it's six weeks. It was very interesting listening to his stories from Europe and how they enjoy life. If you are sick, the boss will not ride your ass to get back to work. They make sure you are healthy before you go back (and yes, you get pay for the days you are sick). Schools are issued one full hour for lunch, and workers get at least an hour break. They don't have very much fast food places because people actually have the time to sit down and eat good home cooking. School activities most of the time aren't mandatory to attend because other diversions may pop up. They see things such as choir, band, or sports as fun and not as jobs. My brother had to miss a the GNR concert (which was really cool by the way) because his choir teacher made it mandatory for him to show up at a rehearsal or his grade would go down. Something like that wouldn't happen in Europe. This is also why Americans are on the official list in the top 5 countries of people with the most anxiety and stress. Perhaps we should take a lesson from Europe and slow down a bit. So the next time you think your job is too demanding or your life is too busy or complicated..... you're right. It is. And the sad fact is that at a teenager's age, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it (except move to Europe) because America has thrived so much on work that it's all that matters in American lives now.

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posted by (anonymous) on Wednesday, 12/18/2002:

i love you

posted by anonymouse on Wednesday, 12/18/2002:

without half hour lunch breaks how are places like mcdonald's gonna stay in business?

you have to think about the little guys

and yes i love you too, in that> way

posted by Alex on Friday, 12/20/2002:

The problem with Mcdonald's is the fact that the food actually used to be of a decent quality. Mcdonald's thrives on the absolute cheapest crappiest food possible. I would gladly have Mcdonalds lose business if it meant getting better breaks. I know places where you can get better burgers, fries, and shakes. If I could be able to go to those places during break, it would be great.

posted by the fonz on Friday, 12/20/2002:

"oh im too lazy to work and go to school, i want an hour long lunch break to glutenize myself cuz im a lazy bastard." whiney little bitch! OH!.. alex i didnt see you there, this is rather awkward.

posted by alex on Saturday, 12/21/2002:

I'm not talking about being lazy. I'm just talking about being able to enjoy life a little better. Being able to just stop and smell the roses, to just have a little more inner peace.

posted by a republican on Tuesday, 12/24/2002:

u want mcdonalds to go out of business just so u can have an hour break. u know mcdonalds has at least a million employees working for it so if they were to go out of business what would happen to them we already dont have enough jobs as it is u greedy asshole u want a million people on the street just so u can have a little more inner peace i say good day to you

posted by Heff on Monday, 12/30/2002:

yes, but if you didn't have places like Mc Donnalds, you would have other busineses. Like family owned restruants, where the food is actually cooked. Also, Mc Donnalds pays practical slave wages. They make sure they pay no more then the local minimum wage, just so the hot-shots at the top can make a few extra bucks. Meanwhile minimum wage is nowhere near the cost of living in most areas. So here you have uneducated workers, working their ass off, making $5 measly bucks an hour. So lets say you work for 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. thats $360 a week, nowhere near the cost of living. Sad.

posted by Samhain on Tuesday, 12/31/2002:

your really wrong their heff, usually big corporations like M to the D dont give a shit about a few measley bucks. sure they start you off at shit but they are qwick to give promotions. its the fambly places that try to screw everyone. I know i worked at mr. zs, the owner pays as little as he can, never gives raises, and hires only white people, he can get away with this because the government does put heavy regulations on him like they do on big corporations. im not sayin government regulations are a good thing but meerly pointing out that you should check both sides of the issue

posted by Chuck Wittman on Monday, 1/6/2003:

We work hard, we play hard.

posted by steven on Thursday, 1/9/2003:

McDonald's does pay cheap wages. But I don't think a small non chain restaurant's going to be much higher. What do you think is an appropriate amount of money to live off of on a per hour basis?
Regardless, a large number of employees at McD's are dependents anyway, so why should they be paid a living wage when they're living at home. These uneducated workers are probably going to have 2 options at a family restuarant; bus-boy or waiter/waitress. I'm sure they ain't gonna be makin' much more than minimum wage anyway.
It's also a lot easier for someone to get a loan for a McD's than for their own restuarant. So if all McD's go out of business I doubt even a quarter of those restaurants will be replaced by smaller non-chain ones.

posted by Matt Hill on Sunday, 2/16/2003:

It's so easy to blame society.

posted by antiutopia987235 on Friday, 3/14/2003:

maybe mcdonalds will go out of business. but that wasnt the point at all. alex's point was explaining that america has been pushing much much harder than any other country. stop drifting away from the subject. i can't wait until people like "the fonz" get a real job and get incredibly stressed out and relize how stupid they were for even trying to fight this. so shut up, and talk about what we were ment to talk about. if you have a problem make your own thread.

btw... york is working on starting up an SLC club. if you have like advice or anything it'd help. i think a few people from glenbard know fiene. talk to him or me...

bill (6309419364)

posted by CrashOveride on Tuesday, 3/18/2003:

posted by Cr on Tuesday, 3/18/2003:

posted by CrashOveride on Tuesday, 3/18/2003:

well i must agree with the fact that america works too hard. But I think this discussion has gone more into talking about McDoanlds that Americans working too hard. So I'm going to rant about us having to work too hard. It sucks. You see so many americans with minimum wage jobs because they couldn't afford college, working 40+ hours a week, just to provide their family with a less than decent lifestyle. America is the land of the free, but it ain't cheap to live here that's for sure. It sure would be nice to be able to work less and still be able to enjoy all of the wonderful pleasures that america has to offer. But i don't forsee that happening in the near future, so let's continue to rob rich people. They've got plenty of money. =D

posted by Iara on Monday, 3/24/2003:

I'like to talk to Chuck Wittman...

posted by the fonz on Thursday, 4/3/2003:

MAKING MY TRIUMPHANT RETURN, BETTA REPRESENT B. well so it seems someone (and i use the term loosly)is responding to my comments again, Antiutopia.. im sorry but it seems your pretentious, im smater then thou attitude has clouded your judgment, silly mortal. Your comment "get a real job" is redundant, yet laughable. Dear sir or madam,i have job, infact i am a custodian,the bottom rung of society some may say,its a very stressful possition. Also i was the one blaming alex for being incompetent, dont you think i would be a person who works so i could therefore accuse others of laziness. No you didnt thing you assumed, next time "you make an ass out of you and me" please think. it may very well better your life.

posted by (anonymous) on Monday, 4/21/2003:

Why cant we all be more like dolphins? they swim around and catch fish and make sweeet lovin. If only...

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