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Hack This Site is a series of security challenges intended to help the young hacker to practice his skills in a legal environment. Each level is password protected, and you need to defeat the security to gain access to the next level.


Left completely to the users, Anarchy is a test to see what people do in situations where one is allowed to do anything they wanted. Every page in Anarchy is completely changable. People are allowed to make changes to any part of the site they want - and there are no restrictions. One can build it all, and one can smash it all.

If you've ever wanted to know what happened to GameSCOUTER, this is the last place you need to look. This contains the raw, unfiltered, unbiased, uncensored truth about what really happened.


Have you ever created a story and could not think of anything else to say in it? Well, here is your chance, to allow others to add on to your story and put their ideas in it.

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